More about me

As native the Pacific Northwest, I have a love for and passion to capture our human connections with the natural environment. My vision has led me to the Portland Film Community where I met mountains of creatives and visionaries. Once graduation this Summer, I'll have completed a Film Studies major and double minor in Communications and German Linguistics. My hope is to begin a direct career towards documentary production with a focus on investigative journalism on our relationship with the environment. I believe knowledge feeds empowerment and creativity fosters growth.

My experience includes many leadership and communication roles both in film production and in professional office settings. I have led productions as producer and assistant director, crafted sound production as both a recordist and editor, and shared stories as director and journalist. Professionally, I have been a production intern at Uncage the Soul Productions and Videographer for TedXPortlandState. I had also taken opportunity to be both Volunteer Coordinator and Station Manager at as well as Member Services Student Coordinator at Portland State Campus Recreation Center. I have also exercised skills as a sound mixer and editor for Two Broke College Kids Podcast and section contributor for Portland State University Vanguard. I am also a certified Yoga Instructor!

One day I hope to carry my ideas into a creative and passionate space where in order to work together on something meaningful and enlightening. I aspire to begin entry level positions as a journalist, researcher, editor, or any multi media that captures a mission to share meaningful ideas.

Please explore my resume and feel free to reach out. Thank you!