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George Bush of Tumwater Washington

Producer, Director

This documentary follows Ray Gleason, a small business owner specializing in tree excavation in the central state of Washington. Established in 2003, Ray has served the community with passion, managing trees of Thurston County and the State Capital. Throughout Ray’s work, he’s had the honor of relocating historic trees including the Bush Butternut tree of George Bush.

Finding Sappho: A Photo Expedition


Finding Sappho: A Photo Expedition is a documentary that showcases the progression of an extended photoshoot that will involve 6 recreated paintings depicting various forms of Sapphism taking place in France and Greece.

The Leap


An estranged family searches for their missing father whose cancer diagnosis two years prior drove them apart. Sisters, Carrie and June, struggle to reconnect while they unravel their father’s mysterious disappearance in the forests of Mt. Hood.

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32 Goldfish


A hitman does one last job to get home before he deteriorates completely.

Tacoma Film Festival 2019

Portland International Film Festival

Background Noise

Associate Producer

DAPHNE, GERARD, LEO, and MICHAEL do their best to make it through another Friday stuck in the plastic sitcom of college life. But cracks are growing in the screwball-fantasy they wake up to each morning.

Despite how hard each one tries to avoid their problems, they all wind up facing the truth head-on in a surreal, nightmarish frat party that unveils what is real, what is fake, and what’s just...background noise.

Karen Doesn't Dream

Associate Producer, Assistant Director

Karen's dead-end life and insomnia lead her to "sleep tapes", bizzare VHS recordings of people sleeping. As she feeds her addiction, she finds a side of herself that she couldn't have imagined.

Southwest Michigan Film Festival

Portland Film Festival

Reel East Texas Film Festival

New Dreams International Film Festival

Canada Independent Film Festival